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Adjuvant chemotherapy is ineffective in patients with bladder cancer and variant histology treated with radical cystectomy with curative intent 1-gen-2021 Zamboni, S.; Afferi, L.; Soria, F.; Aziz, A.; Abufaraj, M.; Poyet, C.; Necchi, A.; D'Andrea, D.; Simone, G.; Ferriero, M.; Di Trapani, E.; Simeone, C.; Antonelli, A.; Gallina, A.; Montorsi, F.; Briganti, A.; Colombo, R.; Gandaglia, G.; Mattei, A.; Baumeister, P.; Mordasini, L.; Hendricksen, K.; Voskuilen, C. S.; Rink, M.; Shariat, S. F.; Xylinas, E.; Moschini, M.
Androgen receptor expression is associated with adverse pathological features in ureteral but not in pelvicalyceal urothelial carcinomas of the upper urinary tract 1-gen-2017 Wirth, G. J.; Haitel, A.; Moschini, M.; Soria, F.; Klatte, T.; Hassler, M. R.; Bensalah, K.; Briganti, A.; Karam, J. A.; Lotan, Y.; Margulis, V.; Raman, J. D.; Remzi, M.; Rioux-Leclercq, N.; Robinson, B. D.; Rouprêt, M.; Wood, C. G.; Shariat, S. F.
Are clinical guidelines designed according to guidelines? Cross-sectional assessment of quality and transparency of clinical guidelines in urology 1-gen-2018 van den Bergh, Rcn; Ost, P; Surcel, C; Valerio, M; Futterer, Jj; Gandaglia, G; Sooriakumaran, P; Tilki, D; Tsaur, I; Ploussard, G
Assessing in-hospital morbidity after urethroplasty using the European Association of Urology Quality Criteria for standardized reporting 1-gen-2021 Bandini, M.; Barbagli, G.; Leni, R.; Cirulli, G. O.; Basile, G.; Balo, S.; Montorsi, F.; Sansalone, S.; Salonia, A.; Briganti, A.; Butnaru, D.; Lazzeri, M.
Assessing the need for systematic biopsies in addition to targeted biopsies according to the characteristics of the index lesion at mpMRI. Results from a large, multi-institutional database 1-gen-2022 Barletta, Francesco; Mazzone, Elio; Stabile, Armando; Scuderi, Simone; Brembilla, Giorgio; de Angelis, Mario; Cirulli, Giuseppe Ottone; Cucchiara, Vito; Gandaglia, Giorgio; Karnes, R Jeffrey; Roupret, Morgan; De Cobelli, Francesco; Montorsi, Francesco; Briganti, Alberto
Awareness and knowledge of human papillomavirus-related diseases are still dramatically insufficient in the era of high-coverage vaccination programs 1-gen-2015 Capogrosso, Paolo; Ventimiglia, Eugenio; Matloob, Rayan; Colicchia, Michele; Serino, Alessandro; Castagna, Giulia; Clementi Maria, Chiara; La Croce, Giovanni; Capitanio, Umberto; Gandaglia, Giorgio; Damiano, Rocco; Mirone, Vincenzo; Montorsi, Francesco; Salonia, Andrea
Circulating sex steroids and prostate cancer: introducing the time-dependency theory 1-gen-2013 Salonia, Andrea; Abdollah, F; Capitanio, U; Suardi, N; Gallina, A; Castagna, G; Clementi, Mc; Briganti, Alberto; Rigatti, P; Montorsi, Francesco
Clinical update on phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors for erectile dysfunction 1-gen-2005 Briganti, Alberto; Salonia, Andrea; Deho', F; Zanni, G; Barbieri, L; Rigatti, P; Montorsi, Francesco
Clinical, surgical, pathological and follow-up features of kidney cancer patients with Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome: novel insights from a large consortium 1-gen-2021 Capitanio, U.; Rosiello, G.; Erdem, S.; Rowe, I.; Kara, O.; Roussel, E.; Campi, R.; Klatte, T.; Kriegmair, M. C.; Sibona, M.; Bertolo, R.; Ouzaid, I.; Mir, M. C.; Marra, G.; Larcher, A.; Montorsi, F.; Salonia, A.
Comorbidity and age cannot explain variation in life expectancy associated with treatment of non-metastatic prostate cancer 1-gen-2017 Boehm, K.; Dell'Oglio, P.; Tian, Z.; Capitanio, U.; Chun, F. K. H.; Tilki, D.; Haferkamp, A.; Saad, F.; Montorsi, F.; Graefen, M.; Karakiewicz, P. I.
Comparison of functional outcomes of robotic and open partial nephrectomy in patients with pre-existing chronic kidney disease: a multicenter study 1-gen-2018 Hamilton, Zachary A.; Uzzo, Robert G.; Larcher, Alessandro; Lane, Brian R.; Ristau, Benjamin; Capitanio, Umberto; Ryan, Stephen; Dey, Sumi; Correa, Andres; Reddy, Madhumitha; Proudfoot, James A.; Nasseri, Ryan; Yim, Kendrick; Noyes, Sabrina; Bindayi, Ahmet; Montorsi, Francesco; Derweesh, Ithaar H.
Comparison of oncologic outcomes between sarcomatoid and clear cell renal cell carcinoma 1-gen-2016 Trudeau, Vincent; Larcher, Alessandro; Sun, Maxine; Boehm, Katharina; Dell’Oglio, Paolo; Sosa, José; Tian, Zhe; Fossati, Nicola; Briganti, Alberto; Shariat, Shahrokh F.; Karakiewicz, Pierre I.
Comparison of survival outcomes in patients with metastatic papillary vs. clear-cell renal cell carcinoma: a propensity-score analysis 1-gen-2020 Rosiello, G.; Palumbo, C.; Knipper, S.; Pecoraro, A.; Luzzago, S.; St-Hilaire, P. -A.; Tian, Z.; Capitanio, U.; Montorsi, F.; Shariat, S. F.; Saad, F.; Briganti, A.; Karakiewicz, P. I.
Complication rate after cystectomy following pelvic radiotherapy: an international, multicenter, retrospective series of 682 cases 1-gen-2020 Gontero, P.; Pisano, F.; Palou, J.; Joniau, S.; Albersen, M.; Colombo, R.; Briganti, A.; Pellucchi, F.; Faba, O. R.; van Rhijn, B. W.; van de Putte, E. F.; Babjuk, M.; Fritsche, H. M.; Mayr, R.; Albers, P.; Niegisch, G.; Anract, J.; Masson-Lecomte, A.; De la Taille, A.; Roupret, M.; Peyronnet, B.; Cai, T.; Witjes, A. J.; Bruins, M.; Baniel, J.; Mano, R.; Lapini, A.; Sessa, F.; Irani, J.; Brausi, M.; Stenzl, A.; Karnes, J. R.; Scherr, D.; O'Malley, P.; Taylor, B.; Shariat, S. F.; Black, P.; Abdi, H.; Matveev, V. B.; Samuseva, O.; Parekh, D.; Gonzalgo, M.; Vetterlein, M. W.; Aziz, A.; Fisch, M.; Catto, J.; Pang, K. H.; Xylinas, E.; Rink, M.
Conditional survival of patients with stage I–III squamous cell carcinoma of the penis: temporal changes in cancer-specific mortality 1-gen-2020 Mistretta, F. A.; Palumbo, C.; Knipper, S.; Mazzone, E.; Pecoraro, A.; Tian, Z.; Musi, G.; Perrotte, P.; Montanari, E.; Shariat, S. F.; Saad, F.; Briganti, A.; de Cobelli, O.; Karakiewicz, P. I.
Contemporary North-American population-based validation of the International Germ Cell Consensus Classification for metastatic germ cell tumors of the testis 1-gen-2019 Mazzone, E.; Knipper, S.; Mistretta, F. A.; Tian, Z.; Palumbo, C.; Soulieres, D.; De Cobelli, O.; Montorsi, F.; Shariat, S. F.; Saad, F.; Briganti, A.; Karakiewicz, P. I.
Contemporary role of palliative cystoprostatectomy or pelvic exenteration in advanced symptomatic prostate cancer 1-gen-2021 Surcel, C.; Mirvald, C.; Tsaur, I.; Borgmann, H.; Heidegger, I.; Labanaris, A. P.; Sinescu, I.; Tilki, D.; Ploussard, G.; Briganti, A.; Montorsi, F.; Mathieu, R.; Valerio, M.; Jinga, V.; Badescu, D.; Radavoi, D.; van den Bergh, R. C. N.; Gandaglia, G.; Kretschmer, A.; Surcel, C.
Controversies in MR targeted biopsy: alone or combined, cognitive versus software-based fusion, transrectal versus transperineal approach? 1-gen-2019 Marra, G; Ploussard, G; Futterer, J; Valerio, M; De Visschere, Pjl; Tsaur, I; Tilki, D; Ost, P; Gandaglia, G; Van den Bergh, Rcn; Surcel, C; Kretschmer, A; Heidegger, I; Borgmann, H; Mathieu, R
Correction to: Inflammation is a target of medical treatment for lower urinary tract symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (World Journal of Urology, (2020), 38, 11, (2771-2779), 10.1007/s00345-020-03106-1) 1-gen-2020 De Nunzio, C.; Salonia, A.; Gacci, M.; Ficarra, V.
Cost analysis between mini-percutaneous nephrolithotomy with and without vacuum-assisted access sheath 1-gen-2021 Lievore, E.; Zanetti, S. P.; Fulgheri, I.; Turetti, M.; Silvani, C.; Bebi, C.; Ripa, F.; Lucignani, G.; Pozzi, E.; Rocchini, L.; De Lorenzis, E.; Albo, G.; Longo, F.; Salonia, A.; Montanari, E.; Boeri, L.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 94
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