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Acute exercise in elite rugby players increases the circulating level of the cardiovascular biomarker GDF-15 1-gen-2014 E., Galliera; G., Lombardi; M. G., Marazzi; D., Grasso; E., Vianello; R., Pozzoni; Banfi, Giuseppe; M. M., Corsi Romanelli
Acute variation of biochemical markers of muscle damage following a 21-km, half-marathon run 1-gen-2008 G., Lippi; F., Schena; G. L., Salvagno; M., Montagnana; M., Gelati; C., Tarperi; Banfi, Giuseppe; G. C., Guidi
Association of pseudothrombocytopenia and pseudoleukopenia : evidence for different pathogenic mechanisms 1-gen-1994 D., Moraglio; Banfi, Giuseppe; A., Arnelli
EDTA-dependent pseudothrombocytopaenia: a 12-month epidemiological study 1-gen-1988 A., Vicari; Banfi, Giuseppe; P. A., Bonini
Evaluation of creatinine, cystatin C and eGFR by different equations in professional cyclists during the Giro d'Italia 3-weeks stage race 1-gen-2012 A., Colombini; R., Corsetti; R., Graziani; G., Lombardi; P., Lanteri; Banfi, Giuseppe
Interferences by cryoglobulins and cold agglutinins with blood cell measurement on coulter counter 1-gen-1992 Banfi, Giuseppe
Osteocartilaginous metabolic markers change over a 3-week stage race in pro-cyclists 1-gen-2015 Corsetti, R; Perego, S; Sansoni, V; Xu, Jc; Barassi, A; Banfi, Giuseppe; Lombardi, G.
Preanalytical phase in coagulation testing : state of the art in the laboratories of the Piedmont region, Italy 1-gen-1996 D., Moraglio; Banfi, Giuseppe
The effect of prolonged whole-body cryostimulation treatment with different amounts of sessions on chosen pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines levels in healthy men 1-gen-2011 A., Lubkowska; Z., Szyguła; D., Chlubek; Banfi, Giuseppe
Tumor-associated trypsin inhibitor as a possible marker in male infertility 1-gen-1991 Banfi, Giuseppe; M., Murone; P., Vigano; C., Brigante; P. A., Bonini
Tumor-associated trypsin inhibitor in induced and acquired immunodeficiency. Studies on transplanted and HIV-infected patients 1-gen-1991 Banfi, Giuseppe; A., Pirali; M., Locatelli; M., Murone; P. A., Bonini
What everybody should know about postural changes 1-gen-2018 Dugué, Benoit; Lombardi, Giovanni; Banfi, Giuseppe
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 12 di 12
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