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Zirconium-Catalyzed Carboalumination of Alkynes and Enynes as a Route to Aluminacycles and Their Conversion to Cyclic Organic Compounds 1-gen-1998 Negishi, E; Montchamp, J. L.; Anastasia, L; Elizarov, A; Choueiry, D
TiCl4 Promoted Reaction of Aldehydes With 1,5-Dienyl Allylsilanes: Addition Accompanied by Cyclization 1-gen-2000 Vidari, G; Bonicelli, M. P.; Anastasia, L; Zanoni, G
In Metal-Catalyzed Cyclization of (Z)-Enynoic Acids -Pyrones vs. -Butenolides Formation 1-gen-2001 Xu, C; Anastasia, L; Negishi, E
Synthesis of Acetylenes via a New Efficient and Simple Pd-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reaction of Terminal Alkynes in the Presence of ZnBr2 and Et3N 1-gen-2001 Anastasia, L; Negishi, E
A practical protocol for the synthesis of 3-hydroxy-4,5-disubstituted pyridine derivatives from acyclic compounds 1-gen-2001 Anastasia, L; Anastasia, M; Allevi, P
Simple and selective one-pot replacement of the N-methyl group of tertiary amines by quaternization and demethylation with sodium sulfide or potassium thioacetate: an application to the synthesis of pergolide 1-gen-2001 Anastasia, L; Cighetti, G; Allevi, P
Stereoselective Synthesis of Exocyclic Alkenes by Cu-Catalyzed Allylmagnesiation, Pd-Catalyzed Alkylation, and Ru-Catalyzed Ring-Closing Metathesis: Highly Stereoselective Synthesis of (Z)- and (E)-g-Bisabolenes 1-gen-2001 Anastasia, L; Dumond, Y. R.; Negishi, E
Highly Satisfactory Procedures for the Pd-Catalyzed Cross Coupling of Aryl Electrophiles with in situ Generated Alkynylzinc Derivatives 1-gen-2001 Anastasia, L; Negishi, E
Palladium-Catalyzed Aryl-Aryl Coupling 1-gen-2002 Anastasia, L; Negishi, E
Catalytic and selective conversion of (Z)-2-en-4-ynoic acids to either 2H-pyran-2-ones in the presence of ZnBr2 or (Z)-5-alkylidenefuran-2(5H)-ones in the presence of Ag2CO3 1-gen-2002 Anastasia, L; Xu, C; Negishi, E
Use of methyl malondialdehyde as an internal standard for malondialdehyde detection: Validation by isotope-dilution gas chromatography-mass spectrometry 1-gen-2002 Cighetti, G; Allevi, P; Anastasia, L; Bortone, L; Paroni, R
In In vivo activity of MmNeu3, a plasma membrane associated sialidase 1-gen-2003 Monti, E; Papini, N; Croci, G; Tringali, C; Anastasia, L; Miyagi, T; Preti, A; Tettamanti, G; Prinetti, A; Sonnino, S; Venerando, B
In vivo ganglioside pattern modification by overexpression of MmNeu3 a plasma membrane sialidase, in COS7 cells 1-gen-2003 Papini, ; Croci, ; Anastasia, L; Tringali, ; Bianchi, ; Miyagi, ; Bresciani, ; Preti, ; Prinetti, ; Sonnino, ; Tettamanti, ; Monti, ; Venerando,
Highly satisfactory alkynylation of alkenyl halides via Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling with alkynylzincs and its critical comparison with the Sonogashira alkynylation 1-gen-2003 Negishi, E.; Quian, M.; Zeng, F.; Anastasia, L.; Babinski, D.
Palladium-catalyzed alkynylation 1-gen-2003 Negishi, E.; Anastasia, L.
Reversine treated fibroblasts acquire a stem-cell-like capability of regenerating mice muscle cells both in vitro and in vivo 1-gen-2004 Anastasia, L; Sampaolesi, ; Papini, ; Oleari, ; Lamorte, ; Tringali, ; Monti, ; Galli, ; Tettamanti, ; Cossu, ; Venerando,
Sialidases expression and sphingolipid modifications during erytroid cells differentiation 1-gen-2004 Tringali, ; Lupo, ; Anastasia, L; Papini, ; Ronzoni, ; Cappellini, ; M., D.; Monti, ; Tettamanti, ; Venerando,
Characterization of sialidases and sphingolipids variations during C2C12 muscle cells differentiation 1-gen-2004 Papini, ; Anastasia, L; Bianchi, ; Carubelli, ; Tringali, ; Croci, ; Monti, ; Tettamanti, ; Venerando,
Reversine treated fibroblasts aquire a stem-cell-like capability of regenerating mice muscle cells both in vitro and in vivo 1-gen-2004 Anastasia, L; Papini, ; Sampaolesi, ; Tringali, ; Lamorte, ; Monti, ; Cossu, ; Tettamanti, ; Venerando,
Variation of sialidase activity and gene expression in erythroid cell differentiation and in erythroleukemic cell line (K562) 1-gen-2004 Tringali, C. A.; Papini, N.; Anastasia, L.; Bianchi, A.; Carubelli, I.; Croci, G. L.; Cappellini, M. D.; Ronzoni, L.; Tettamanti, G.; Monti, E.; Venerando, B.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 134
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