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Impact of advanced age on the outcome of liver resection 1-gen-2003 Aldrighetti, L; Arru, M; Caterini, R; Finazzi, R; Comotti, L; Torri, G; Ferla, G
Impact of Tumor Burden Score on Conditional Survival after Curative-Intent Resection for Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Multi-Institutional Analysis 1-gen-2021 Elfadaly, A. N.; Tsilimigras, D. I.; Hyer, J. M.; Paro, A.; Bagante, F.; Ratti, F.; Marques, H. P.; Soubrane, O.; Lam, V.; Poultsides, G. A.; Popescu, I.; Alexandrescu, S.; Martel, G.; Workneh, A.; Guglielmi, A.; Hugh, T.; Aldrighetti, L.; Endo, I.; Pawlik, T. M.
Implementing Enhanced Perioperative Care in Emergency General Surgery: A Prospective Multicenter Observational Study 1-gen-2023 Ceresoli, M; Biloslavo, A; Bisagni, P; Ciuffa, C; Fortuna, L; La Greca, A; Tartaglia, D; Zago, M; Ficari, F; Foti, G; Braga, M; Armao, Ft; Arma, Ft; Bottari, A; Ballabio, M; Beretta, L; Bondi, C; Calcinati, S; Carlucci, M; Chiarugi, M; Ciravegna, Al; Coccolini, F; Cozza, V; Cremonini, C; Ferraina, F; Fico, V; Fogliata, M; Germani, P; Gianotti, L; Grandi, S; Guiotto, L; Lena, E; Longhi, M; Lorenzi, I; Malagnino, A; Montino, M; Paiano, L; Pesenti, G; Riccadonna, S; Romano, B; Russo, A; Somigli, R; Tomajer, V; Tripodi, V
Implementing protocol-based relaparoscopy for severe complications in laparoscopic colorectal surgery 1-gen-2024 Puccetti, Francesco; Vallorani, Alessia; Cinelli, Lorenzo; Turi, Stefano; Gozzini, Lorenzo; Rosati, Riccardo; Elmore, Ugo
Implications of Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma Etiology on Recurrence and Prognosis after Curative-Intent Resection: a Multi-Institutional Study 1-gen-2018 Zhang, Xf; Chakedis, J; Bagante, F; Beal, Ew; Lv, Y; Weiss, M; Popescu, I; Marques, Hp; Aldrighetti, L; Maithel, Sk; Pulitano, C; Bauer, Tw; Shen, F; Poultsides, Ga; Soubrane, O; Martel, G; Koerkamp, Bg; Guglielmi, A; Itaru, E; Pawlik, Tm
International preoperative rectal cancer management: staging, neoadjuvant treatment, and impact of multidisciplinary teams 1-gen-2010 Augestad, Km; Lindsetmo, Ro; Stulberg, J; Reynolds, H; Senagore, A; Champagne, B; Heriot, Ag; Leblanc, F; Delaney, Cp; International Rectal Cancer Study Group, Ircsg; Vignali, Andrea; Braga, Marco
Is entirely conservative management a correct strategy for hemodynamically stable patient with a grade IV blunt pancreatic injury? 1-gen-2011 Mercantini, P; Virgilio, E; Bocchetti, T; Capurso, G; Nava, Ak; Ziparo, V.
Is Current Perioperative Practice in Hepatic Surgery Based on Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Principles? 1-gen-2014 Wong-Lun-Hing, Em; van Dam, Rm; Heijnen, La; Busch, Orc; Terkivatan, T; van Hillegersberg, R; Slooter, Gd; Klaase, J; de Wilt, Jhw; Bosscha, K; Neumann, Up; Topal, B; Aldrighetti, L; Dejong, Chc
Is Smoking Status an Issue in the Current Surgical Approach to Non-small Cell Lung Cancer? 1-gen-2021 Carretta, A
Laparoscopic Approach for Primary Colorectal Cancer Improves Outcome of Patients Undergoing Combined Open Hepatic Resection for Liver Metastases 1-gen-2015 Ratti, F; Catena, M; Di Palo, S; Staudacher, C; Aldrighetti, L
Management of 100 consecutive cases of pancreatic serous cystadenoma: wait for symtoms and see at imaging or vice versa? 1-gen-2003 Bassi, C; Salvia, R; Molinari, E; Biasutti, C; Falconi, Massimo; Pederzoli, P.
Minimally Invasive Versus Open Treatment for Benign Sporadic Insulinoma Comparison of Short-Term and Long-Term Outcomes 1-gen-2018 Belfiori, G.; Wiese, D.; Partelli, S.; Wachter, S.; Maurer, E.; Crippa, S.; Falconi, M.; Bartsch, D. K.
Pancreatic abscess and other pus-harboring collections related to pancreatitis: a review of 108 cases 1-gen-1990 C., Bassi; S., Vesentini; F., Nifosi; R., Girelli; Falconi, Massimo; A., Elio; P., Pederzoli
Pancreaticobiliary Maljunctions in European Patients with Bile Duct Cysts: Results of the Multicenter Study of the French Surgical Association (AFC) 1-gen-2017 Ragot, E.; Mabrut, J. -Y.; Ouaissi, M.; Sauvanet, A.; Dokmak, S.; Nuzzo, G.; Halkic, N.; Dubois, R.; Letoublon, C.; Cherqui, D.; Azoulay, D.; Irtan, S.; Boudjema, K.; Pruvot, F. -R.; Gigot, J. -F.; Kianmanesh, R.; Adham, M.; Doussot, A.; Branchereau, S.; Ayav, A.; Balladur, P.; Adam, R.; Troisi, R. I.; Regimbeau Jean, M. -A.; Majno, P.; Sommacale, D.; Bouzid, C.; Falconi, M.
PANCREATODUODENECTOMY WITH OCCLUSION OF THE RESIDUAL STUMP BY NEOPRENE INJECTION 1-gen-1989 Di Carlo, V; Chiesa, R; Pontiroli, A; Carlucci, M; Staudacher, C; Zerbi, A; Cristallo, M; Braga, Marco; Pozza, G.
"Paraduodenal" pancreatitis: results of surgery on 58 consecutives patients from a single institution. 1-gen-2009 Casetti, L; Bassi, C; Salvia, R; Butturini, G; Graziani, R; Falconi, Massimo; Frulloni, L; Zamboni, G; Pederzoli, P.; Crippa, Stefano
Prognostic factors and analysis of S100aS protein in resected pulmonary metastases from renal cell carcinoma 1-gen-2009 Bandiera, A; Melloni, G; Freschi, M; Giovanardi, M; Carretta, A; Borri, A; Ciriaco, P; Zannini, P
Prognostic value of platelets count in pancreatic cance 1-gen-2008 Crippa, Stefano
Prognostic value of the Duke Activity Status Index (DASI) in patients undergoing colorectal surgery 1-gen-2021 El-Kefraoui, C.; Rajabiyazdi, F.; Pecorelli, N.; Carli, F.; Lee, L.; Feldman, L. S.; Fiore, J. F.
Propensity Score-Matched Analysis of Pure Laparoscopic Versus Hand-Assisted/Hybrid Major Hepatectomy at Two Western Centers 1-gen-2019 Fiorentini, G; Swaid, F; Cipriani, F; Ratti, F; Heres, C; Tsung, A; Aldrighetti, L; Geller, Da
Mostrati risultati da 16 a 35 di 43
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