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Standardized algorithms for management of anastomotic leaks and related abdominal and pelvic abscesses after colorectal surgery 1-gen-2008 Phitayakorn, R; Delaney, Cp; Reynolds, Hl; Champagne, Bj; Heriot, Ag; Neary, P; Senagore, Aj; International Anastomotic Leak Study, Group; Vignali, Andrea
Surgical Management of Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma in Patients with Cirrhosis: Impact of Lymphadenectomy on Peri-Operative Outcomes 1-gen-2018 Bagante, F; Spolverato, G; Weiss, M; Alexandrescu, S; Marques, Hp; Aldrighetti, L; Maithel, Sk; Pulitano, C; Bauer, Tw; Shen, F; Poultsides, Ga; Soubrane, O; Martel, G; Koerkamp, Bg; Guglielmi, A; Itaru, E; Ruzzenente, A; Pawlik, Tm
Surgical treatment of metastatic tumors to the pancreas: a single center experience and review of the literature 1-gen-2006 Crippa, Stefano
Team Strategy Optimization in Combined Resections for Synchronous Colorectal Liver Metastases. A Comparative Study with Bootstrapping Analysis 1-gen-2021 Ratti, Francesca; Serenari, Matteo; Zanello, Matteo; Fuks, David; Rottoli, Matteo; Masetti, Michele; Tribillon, Ecoline; Ravaioli, Matteo; Elmore, Ugo; Rosati, Riccardo; Gayet, Brice; Cescon, Matteo; Jovine, Elio; Aldrighetti, Luca
Timing of Perioperative Chemotherapy Does Not Influence Long-Term Outcome of Patients Undergoing Combined Laparoscopic Colorectal and Liver Resection in Selected Upfront Resectable Synchronous Liver Metastases 1-gen-2019 Ratti, F.; Fuks, D.; Cipriani, F.; Gayet, B.; Aldrighetti, L.
Transplantation for the treatment of insulin dependent diabetes: clinical experience with polymer-obstructed pancreatic grafts using neoprene 1-gen-1984 Dubernard, Jm; Traeger, J; Bosi, Emanuele; Gelet, A; El Yafi, S; Devonec, M; Piatti, Pm; Chiesa, R; Martin, X; Mongin Long, D; Touraine, Jl; Pozza, G.
Mostrati risultati da 38 a 43 di 43
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