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Impact of prostate MRI central review over the diagnostic performance of MRI-targeted biopsy: should we routinely ask for an expert second opinion?, file b07b0197-0081-44f5-956b-61506e83d031 1
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Carcinoma of the cervix: value of plain and gadolinium-enhanced MR imaging in assessing degree of invasiveness, file e0c35a4b-d762-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
Fabry's disease cardiomyopathy - Echocardiographic detection of endomyocardial glycosphingolipid compartmentalization, file e0c35a4b-da55-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
Delayed-gadolinium enhancement cardiac magnetic resonance for differentiation of Anderson-Fabry disease from symmetric hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, file e0c35a4b-db8b-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
Improving the procedure for detection of intrahepatic transplanted islets by magnetic resonance imaging, file e0c35a4b-dbb9-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
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Defining the optimal biological dose of NGR-hTNF, a selective vascular targeting agent, in advanced solid tumours, file e0c35a4b-e3b2-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
L-arginine-induced vasodilation of the renal vasculature is preserved in uremic type 1 diabetic patients after kidney and pancreas but not after kidney-alone transplantation., file e0c35a4b-e3b6-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
Prognostic utility of diffusion-weighted MRI in oesophageal cancer; is apparent diffusion coefficient a potential marker of tumour aggressiveness?, file e0c35a4c-0501-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
Response to chemotherapy in gastric adenocarcinoma with diffusion-weighted MRI and 18F-FDG-PET/CT: Correlation of apparent diffusion coefficient and partial volume corrected standardized uptake value with histological tumor regression grade, file e0c35a4c-0b7d-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
The application of DW-MRI in the staging of oesophageal cancer: prospective comparison with EUS and MDCT, file e0c35a4c-0d31-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
Chromogranin-A production and fragmentation in patients with Takayasu arteritis., file e0c35a4c-14f3-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
Hepatic steatosis after islet transplantation: can ultrasound predict the clinical outcome? A longitudinal study in 108 patients, file e0c35a4c-17fd-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
Reduced intrahepatic fat content is associated with increased whole-body lipid oxidation in patients with type 1 diabetes, file e0c35a4c-2f6f-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
Could early tumour volume changes assessed on morphological MRI predict the response to chemoradiation therapy in locally-advanced rectal cancer?, file e0c35a4c-51ce-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
Utility of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI to assess small bowel perfusion in paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria before and after eculizumab, file e0c35a4c-704d-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
Can DCE-MRI reduce the number of PI-RADS v.2 false positive findings? Role of quantitative pharmacokinetic parameters in prostate lesions characterization, file e0c35a4c-8655-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
Microvascular COVID-19 lung vessels obstructive thromboinflammatory syndrome (MicroCLOTS): an atypical acute respiratory distress syndrome working hypothesis, file e0c35a4c-9cbb-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
MR Imaging Monitoring of Iron-Labeled Pancreatic Islets in a Small Series of Patients: Islet Fate in Successful, Unsuccessful, and Autotransplantation, file e0c35a4c-ba74-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
Incidence of deep venous thrombosis in COVID-19 hospitalized patients during the first peak of the Italian outbreak, file e0c35a4c-c03c-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
Percutaneous Microwave Ablation Versus Cryoablation in the Treatment of T1a Renal Tumors, file e0c35a4c-e15c-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
The role of chest CT in deciphering interstitial lung involvement: systemic sclerosis versus COVID-19, file e0c35a4c-f6a0-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
Myocardial Late Contrast Enhancement CT in Troponin-Positive Acute Chest Pain Syndrome, file e0c35a4d-0179-5883-e053-d805fe0ac580 1
Diagnostic accuracy of fully hybrid [68Ga]Ga-PSMA-11 PET/MRI and [68Ga]Ga-RM2 PET/MRI in patients with biochemically recurrent prostate cancer: a prospective single-center phase II clinical trial, file e158f6b2-8da8-4fc8-a91c-0b79e2d1e383 1
18F-FDG PET/MRI in endometrial cancer: systematic review and meta-analysis, file e750666a-c35d-45b8-b0ac-57ada7375f3d 1
Variability of mpMRI diagnostic performance according to the upfront individual patient risk of having clinically significant prostate cancer, file f53f94f6-acaf-4be6-9c48-8d953875cfef 1
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