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Genome-wide scan of long noncoding RNA single nucleotide polymorphisms and pancreatic cancer susceptibility 19
Identification of Recessively Inherited Genetic Variants Potentially Linked to Pancreatic Cancer Risk 19
Common variability in oestrogen-related genes and pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma risk in women. 18
Asymptomatic Chronic Elevation of Serum Pancreatic Enzymes: How to Deal with It? 18
Associations between pancreatic expression quantitative traits and risk of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma 18
Association of Genetic Variants Affecting microRNAs and Pancreatic Cancer Risk 17
Genetic Polymorphisms Involved in Mitochondrial Metabolism and Pancreatic Cancer Risk 17
EUS-guided GastroEnterostomy for management of malignant Gastric Outlet Obstruction: a prospective cohort study with matched comparison with Enteral Stenting 16
Identificazione EUS-guidata di Cellule Tumorali Circolanti nel sangue portale di pazienti con cancro al pancreas: caratterizzazione, profilazione e potenziale ruolo prognostico 12
Diameter of surgical versus endoscopic ultrasound-guided gastrojejunostomy: that much wider after all is said and done? 12
Endoscopic ultrasound-guided gastrojejunostomy does not prevent pancreaticoduodenectomy after long-term symptom-free neoadjuvant treatment 12
Gastrointestinal mucosal damage in patients with COVID-19 undergoing endoscopy: An international multicentre study 12
Machine learning for the prediction of post-ERCP Pancreatitis risk: A proof-of-concept study 12
Endoscopic ultrasound guided biliary interventions 11
Ex-vivo investigation of radiofrequency ablation in pancreatic adenocarcinoma after neoadjuvant chemotherapy 11
Current landscape of therapeutic EUS: Changing paradigms in gastroenterology practice 11
Genetic and non-genetic risk factors for early-onset pancreatic cancer 10
EUS-guided gallbladder drainage and subsequent peroral endoscopic cholecystolithotomy: A tool to reduce chemotherapy discontinuation in neoplastic patients? 10
Controversies in EUS-guided treatment of walled-off necrosis 10
Impact of age, comorbidities and relevant changes on surveillance strategy of intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms: A competing risk analysis 9
Plastic Versus Metal EUS-Guided Drainage of Pancreatic Fluid Collections: Do We Really Know When to Use the Hard Way? 8
Feasibility of therapeutic endoscopic ultrasound in the bridge-to-surgery scenario: The example of pancreatic adenocarcinoma 8
Endoscopic ultrasound-guided gallbladder drainage after real-time assessment of cystic duct exclusion following biliary placement of an uncovered metal 8
Endoscopic ultrasound-guided biliary drainage and gastrointestinal anastomoses: the journey from promising innovations to standard of care 8
Endoscopic ultrasound-guided gastroenterostomy versus duodenal stenting for malignant gastric outlet obstruction: an international, multicenter, propensity score-matched comparison 8
Lack of association of CD44-rs353630 and CHI3L2-rs684559 with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma survival 8
Classification, risk factors, and management of lumen apposing metal stent dysfunction during follow-up of endoscopic ultrasound-guided choledochoduodenostomy: Multicenter evaluation from the Leuven-Amsterdam-Milan Study Group 7
Same-session double EUS-guided bypass versus surgical gastroenterostomy and hepaticojejunostomy: an international multicenter comparison 7
Over-the-Wire Lumen-Apposing Metal Stent Exchange for Management of a Long-Term Choledochoduodenostomy Dysfunction 6
The PANcreatic Disease ReseArch (PANDoRA) consortium: Ten years’ experience of association studies to understand the genetic architecture of pancreatic cancer 6
EUS-guided gastroenterostomy in a COVID-19-infected patient with duodenal stenosing lymphoma (with videos) 5
Laparoscopic versus EUS-guided gastroenterostomy for gastric outlet obstruction: an international multicenter propensity score–matched comparison (with video) 5
Alcohol and gastrointestinal cancers 5
Redo-endoscopic ultrasound-guided gastroenterostomy for the management of distal flange misdeployment: trust your orojejunal catheter 5
Identification of patients with branch-duct intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm and very low risk of cancer: multicentre study 5
Chronic use of statins and aminosalicylic acid and incidence of post-ERCP acute pancreatitis. Preliminary data from the STARK study, a prospective international, multicenter, cohort study 4
Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Gallbladder Drainage Versus Percutaneous Drainage in Patients With Acute Cholecystitis Undergoing Elective Cholecystectomy 4
Managing dysfunctions and reinterventions in endoscopic ultrasound-guided choledochoduodenostomy with lumen apposing metal stents: Illustrated technical review (with videos) 4
Germline testing and genetic counseling in biliary tract cancer: an operative proposal to improve the state of art 3
Diagnostic and therapeutic role of endoscopy in gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms 3
Effect of aspirin, ACE inhibitors/sartans and statins use on the progression of BD-IPMN in follow up: a multicenter study 3
The use of ace inhibitors influences the risk of progression of BD-IPMNs under follow-up 3
Preliminary experience of EUS-guided pancreatic fluid collections drainage using a new lumen-apposing metal stent mounted on a cautery device 2
Results of non-operative management for intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms with an indication for surgery: A meta-analysis 1
Unusual findings in Peutz-Jeghers syndrome: endoscopic and histologic appearance of gastric hamartomatous polyposis with foveolar dysplasia 1
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