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Nome #
Versatility of the supraclavicular pedicle flap in head and neck reconstruction 25
Miringoplastica underlay per via transmeatale: indicazioni e risultati 24
L'aggravamento dell'indebolimento del senso dell'udito di origine professionale. Considerazioni e proposta valutativa per uso medico legale 19
The transcervical-transparotid corridor for management of parapharyngeal space neoplasms: strengths and limits in a bi-institutional retrospective series 18
Trimming of Faciala Artery Miomucosal Flap (FAMM) using Indocyanine Green Fluorescence Video-Angiography: Operative Nuances 18
Autophagy mediates epithelial cancer chemoresistance by reducing p62/SQSTM1 accumulation 18
Multidisciplinary approach to lacrimal system diseases 18
Head and neck pedicled flap autonomization using a new high-resolution indocyanine green fluorescence video-angiography device 17
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Rupture of the extracranial carotid artery caused by misdiagnosed infected pseudoaneurysm during deep cervical abscess drainage: A case report. 16
Diagnosis and Treatment of Laryngeal Schwannoma: A Systematic Review 16
How to Enhance the Accuracy of the Allen’s Test with Indocyanine Green Fluorescence Video-Angiography 15
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Use of platelet-rich plasma in irradiated patients to treat and prevent complications of head and neck surgery 14
Emergency Department Visits among Cancer Patients during SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic 14
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Risultati funzionali nella ricostruzione della catena ossiculare nell'atrofia parziale o totale dell'incudine. Confronto tra ricostruzione mediante incudine modellata e PORP in idrossiapatite 13
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Parapharyngeal space tumours: Video-assisted minimally invasive transcervical approach 12
Skeletal Muscle Depletion and Major Postoperative Complications in Locally-Advanced Head and Neck Cancer: A Comparison between Ultrasound of Rectus Femoris Muscle and Neck Cross-Sectional Imaging 12
Audiometria tonale e vocale 11
Postural control in patients after a recent vestibular neuritis with hyperhomocysteinemia 11
ASO Author Reflections: The Role of Indocyanine Green Fluorescence Video Angiography in Enhancing the Accuracy of Head and Neck Surgical Oncology 11
Impact of lymphnode ratio and number of lymphnode metastases on survival and recurrence in laryngeal squamous carcinoma 11
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Spontaneous extracapsular parathyroid adenoma hemorrhage: when surgery is required? 11
Low skeletal muscle mass as predictor of postoperative complications and decreased overall survival in locally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: the role of ultrasound of rectus femoris muscle 11
Open partial horizontal laryngectomies: Is it time to adopt a modular form of consent for the intervention? 11
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Combination of Mustardè cheek advancement flap and paramedian forehead flap as a reconstructive option in orbital exenteration 10
Tumori maligni del temporale 10
Uncommon Site of Metastasis and Prolonged Survival in Patients with Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma: A Systematic Review of the Literature 10
High-risk early-stage oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma, when free margins are not enough: Critical review 10
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Radial forearm free flap surgery: a modified skin-closure technique improving donor-site aesthetic appearance 10
Subtotal Laryngectomy Cost Feasibility and Functional Outcomes 10
Oncological and complication assessment of CO2 laser-assisted endoscopic surgery for T1-T2 glottic tumours: clinical experience 10
Radial vs ulnar forearm flap: A preliminary study of donor site morbidity 10
Influenza dell'età e della durata di esposizione al rumore nell'evoluzione del trauma acustico cronico 9
COVID-19 in the tonsillectomized population 9
Flogosi nasosinusale e responsività delle vie aeree extra- ed intratoraciche 9
Prognostic indicators in clinically node-negative malignant primary salivary tumours of the parotid: A multicentre experience 9
Tailored Nasal Reconstruction after Dog-bite Injuri in a Young Woman 9
Supraclavicular artery island flap (SCAIF): a rising opportunity for head and neck reconstructioN 9
Shoulder function after selective and superselective neck dissections: clinical and functional outcomes 9
The importance of the patient's perspective in function-sparing parotid surgery for benign neoplasms: clinical reappraisal 9
Variazione delle emissioni otoacustiche e dei prodotti di distorsione in rapporto al sesso 8
Miringoplastica underlay per via transmeatale con fascia temporale omologa 8
La Suscettibilità al Trauma Acustico Cronico 8
La chirurgia del neurinoma dell'acustico. Indicazioni nella scelta dell'approccio translabirintico o retrosigmoideo 8
Management of two rare cases of dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans arising in the parotid region 8
Obstructive sleep apnea in Prader-Willi syndrome: risks and advantages of adenotonsillectomy 8
Satisfaction and Quality of Life in Laryngectomees after Voice Prosthesis Rehabilitation 8
Parapharyngeal metastases from thyroid cancer: surgical management of two cases with minimally-invasive video-assisted technique 8
Surgical and radiological perspectives for the spinal accessory nerve passing through a fenestrated internal jugular vein: case series and literature review 7
I tumori maligni dell'ipofaringe Stato dell'arte. 7
Variazioni della pressione intracranica e malattia da alta quota: impiego di metodica di registrazione non invasiva 7
Skeletal muscle depletion and major posoperative complicationsmass as predictor of postoperative complications in locally advanced head and neck cancer: a comparison between ultrasound of rectus femoris muscle and neck cross-sectional imaging 7
The prognostic value of anterior commissure involvement in T1 glottic cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis 7
Challenging management of an enlarged tracheoesophageal fistula in an irradiated patient 6
Residual dizziness after successful repositioning maneuvers for idiopathic benign paroxysmal positional vertigo in the elderly 6
Role of Montgomery salivary stent placement during pharyngolaryngectomy, to prevent pharyngocutaneous fistula in high-risk patients 6
Supratracheal laryngectomy: current indications and contraindications 6
Informed consent. Proposal of a method for ORL 5
Surgery of otosclerosis in the elderly 5
Possibile coinvolgimento del sistema nervoso autonomo nella comparsa di instabilità dopo trauma cervicale 5
Vestibular function in HIV patients: Preliminary report 5
Management of obstructive pathology of the salivary glands in elderly patients: a preliminary study 4
Possibilità valutativa mediante i prodotti di distorsione della suscettibilità al danno da rumore 4
Risultati della stapedotomia . Confronto tra due protesi di calibro differente 4
The use of near-infrared autofluorescence during total laryngectomy with hemi-or total thyroidectomy 4
Valutazione della pervietà dell'acquedotto cocleare: comparazione tra due tecniche non invasive 4
null 3
Temporal flaps in head and neck reconstructive surgery: a systematic review on surgical techniques 3
L'impiego del remifentanil nella chirurgia dell'orecchio medio 3
Modificazione dei prodotti di distorsione dopo affaticamento uditivo 2
Supraclavicular artery fascial flap (SAFF): A new tool in salvage total laryngectomy 2
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