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Nome #
Antibacterial properties and side effects of chlorhexidinebased mouthwashes. A prospective, randomized clinical study 50
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The utility of the electric mallet 7
Electrical mallet in implants placed in fresh extraction sockets with simultaneous osteotome sinus floor elevation 7
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Tracheostomy in maxillofacial surgery: a simple and safe technique for residents in training. 7
Immediate postextraction implants: 1-year evaluation | [Impianti postestrattivi immediati: Valutazione a un anno] 7
Ni-Ti Shaper 1-Pro Taper effects on canal volume measurement and variations: a microtomographic comparative study 7
Gli innesti ossei (Capitolo 6) 7
Riabilitazione implantoprotesica: pazienti di fasce sociali deboli o disabili o hiv positivi 7
An orthodontic-orthognatic conceptual approach to OSAS surgery: our experience and results 7
Prosthetic management of patients with oro-maxillo-facial defects: A long-term follow-up retrospective study 7
Relazione tra igiene orale, stato d’infiammazione paradontale e fallimento implantare secondario: Uno studio retrospettivo longitudinale [The relation between oral hygiene, periodontal inflammation, and secondary implant failure: A retrospective longitudinal study] 7
Midfacial Tissue Assessment of the Effect of Amount of Keratinized Mucosa on Immediate Temporarization of Fresh Socket Implants: 8-Year Follow-up 7
Is topical photodynamic therapy with 5-ALA, using Tsai’s protocol, useful in the healing of oral potentially malignant disorders? A systematic review of the literature 7
Implant survival rate in calvarial bone grafts: A retrospective clinical study with 10 year follow-up 7
Electrical mallet provides essential advantages in split-crest and immediate implant placement 6
New surgical technique and distraction osteogenesis for ankylosed dental movement 6
Conventional Versus Digital Impressions for "All-on-Four" Restorations. 6
Valutazione istologica, istomorfometrica e microtomografica dell'osteointegrazione di impianti con scaffolds nanostrutturati 6
Immediate provisionalization of dental implants placed in fresh extraction sockets using a flapless technique 6
Valutazione Immunoistochimica Della Neoangiogenesi In Innesti Di Calvaria: Studio Longitudinale A Lungo Termine 6
Eight years follow-up, for vertical augmentation with alveolar interpositional bone grafts in the mandibular and maxillary region: clinical results 6
Five-Years Follow-Up Of Wide-Diameter Implants Placed In Mandibular Fresh Molar Extraction Sockets: Immediate Versus Delayed Loading 6
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Implant prosthetic rehabilitation in controlled HIV- positive patients: A prospective longitudinal study with one-year follow-up 6
Immediate versus delayed loading of dental implants placed in fresh extraction sockets in the maxillary esthetic zone: a clinical comparative study 5
Comparison of magnesium-enriched hydroxyapatite and porcine bone in human extraction socket healing: a histologic and histomorphometric evaluation 5
Reactive Soft Tissue Preservation in Large Bone Defects After Tooth Extractions: A Cone Beam Study 5
Localized Management of Sinus Floor Technique for Implant Placement in Fresh Molar Sockets 5
Immediate Loaded Implants in Split-Crest Procedure 5
Digital impressions for fabrication of definitive "all-on-four" restorations. 5
Topical photodynamic therapy in oral verrucous hyperplasia: a systematic review 5
Usefulness of micro-biopsy in the follow-up of oral lichen planus. 5
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